Contact Us

Address and contact information:

800 Greenwood Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 4B7

Phone: (416) 393-0744
Fax :(416) 393-1516

Getting to Greenwood:

If you are arriving by subway, please follow these simple steps on getting to Greenwood:

  1. Arrive at Greenwood Subway Station (Bloor Line);
  2. Go to the ground level, exit and turn left on to Linnsmore Cr.;
  3. Walk north to the first street, Strathmore Blvd. and turn left;
  4. Walk west on Strathmore Blvd. to  Greenwood Avenue,
  5. Cross Greenwood Avenue at the crosswalk and turn right to walk north on Greenwood Avenue at Danforth Collegiate and Technical School;
  6. Walk half a block north to the set of doors at street level marked Greenwood Secondary School.

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